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How Does Patient Recruitment Work?

A big challenge in the clinical research industry is recruiting the right number of participants for a trial. Oftentimes, many sites under enroll participants, and in some cases, fail to recruit any at all. There are many aspects to consider when it comes to patient recruitment – how to recruit patients, where to market your upcoming trial and barriers to the recruitment process, to name a few.

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Virtual Trials and the Site’s Role in a Shifting Research Landscape

Virtual trials have grown in popularity and usage over the last decade. Explore what that means for traditional sites and their future in the clinical research landscape.

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Social Media Marketing for Patient Recruitment

With recruitment challenges on the rise for sites, consider finding potential participants on social media.

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Patient Recruitment and Enrollment in Clinical Trials

Check out this infographic on patient recruitment and enrollment to see how people find out about clinical trials, why they choose to participate, and more.

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Strategic Approaches to Identify Recruitment Issues and Interventions

Katie Eddleton, Associate Director at the University of Florida (UF), share her team’s experience tracking projected vs actual enrollment for clinical studies and identifying studies at risk of not meeting minimum enrollment targets.

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5 Questions to Enhance Your Clinical Trial Enrollment Planning

Answer these questions to create a solid subject enrollment plan and increase the success of your patient recruitment campaigns.

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Maximizing Recruitment Potential for Research Studies

Chanel Mansfield and Neva Garner, both of the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, presented at the 2019 Fall Onsemble Conference on lessons learned during the recruitment process.

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How to Recruit Patients for Clinical Trials

A big challenge for any clinical research staff is obtaining participants for their trial. Explore different methods and strategies to recruit participants for your current and upcoming trials.

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Maximizing Collaboration and Innovation at the 2019 AACI-CRI Conference

At the 2019 AACI-CRI Conference, leaders from across the industry collaborated and shared their strategies for enhancing the impact of academic cancer centers.

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AACI-CRI 2019: Working Together to Improve Cancer Clinical Trial Outcomes

The 11th annual AACI-CRI conference is quickly approaching, drawing academic clinical research leaders from across the country. We preview some of the key focus areas of the 2019 conference.

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Diverse Populations, Inclusive Practices: Why Diversity in Clinical Research Matters

Having diverse groups of participants on a study makes medical products safer and more effective for everyone, since it allows researchers to see how interventions affect individuals of different ages, races, ethnic groups and genders.

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