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Getting “Engaged” in the Time of COVID

When using remote sites to perform clinical trial procedures, there are certain issues researchers must keep in mind, including whether those remote sites are considered to be engaged in research.

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What Do Auditors Look for When Performing SDV and SDR?

Subject safety and data integrity are paramount to advancing research. How does SDV and SDR impact safe research?

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Fostering Collaboration, Communication, and Community at the 2020 Virtual Fall Onsemble Conference

Attending our virtual Onsemble conference this October provides an opportunity to learn and collaborate with industry leaders, moving research forward.

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Community Consultation in the Time of COVID-19

How should sites conducting planned emergency research approach community consultation in the time of COVID-19?

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How Oncology Research Is Advancing Better Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every aspect of the clinical research industry. This new urgency has affirmed certain clinical trial innovations originally pioneered in the oncology space.

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4 Can’t-Miss Sessions at 2020 Virtual Fall Onsemble Conference

Our 2020 Virtual Fall Onsemble Conference is October 6-9. Thinking of attending? Check out these 4 can’t-miss sessions.

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Clinical Trial Budget Negotiations: A View from Each Side

Site recruitment is key to a clinical trial’s success. This blog explores the impact budget negotiations has on study startup.

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Developing a Clinical Trial Budget Following Medicare’s Clinical Trial Policy and Device Regulations

Developing and negotiating a clinical trial budget that applies Medicare’s rules and regulations involves many challenges. Find out strategies to assist with the process.

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IRB Review of Virtual Trial Technologies

Last month, James Riddle presented the webinar Accelerating the Recovery – IRB Review of Virtual Trial Technology. In a follow-up blog, he takes a deeper dive into the topic.

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Accelerating the Recovery – Design and IRB Review of Safety Monitoring Plans During COVID-19

How do remote visits and data collection impact participant monitoring? What techniques will satisfy the regulatory obligation to conduct safety and data monitoring in this new remote research world?

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