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CCAF 2020 and the Importance of Community

The 2020 CCAF conference was all about community: both the collaborative community of administrators and staff, and reaching the communities their cancer centers serve.

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Easing the Struggle of Implementing of Large-Scale Changes at Your Institution

Implementing change can be a difficult and time-consuming experience for clinical research leadership. Here are a few tips to make the transition easier for your teams.

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Insights Task List Dashboards

The new Insights task list dashboards provide a more granular look at study activation, including exact task list names, content and milestones.

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Enhancing Competency with Clinical Research Technologies

Forte and ACRP partnered to conduct a survey analyzing the factors that contribute to technology competency and how sites, technology providers and clinical research professionals can work to improve these competencies across the industry.

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A Realist’s Look at Best Business Practices for CTO Management

While our industry has made tremendous progress towards improving operational efficiency, we can still do more. Taking a practical, realistic look at the tried and true CTO management methods we use every day can help us understand how to move our industry forward.

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Investigating Trends in Industry vs. Institutional Studies

Late last year, Forte published the Cancer Center Benchmarks Report, an analysis of key data trends affecting cancer centers. While cancer centers may have an idea of their individual performances, this report took on the bigger question of how cancer centers are performing as a whole. This year, we’ve released a companion report, “Investigating Trends

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Research Centers Benchmarks Report

In this report, Forte’s Director of Analytics Wendy Tate identifies key data trends that are impacting research centers today. Using Forte Benchmarks, an award-winning comparative analytics tool, this report analyzes aggregate data from over 28 research organizations nationwide.

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UW Carbone Cancer Center Improves CCSG Data Management Processes with EVAL

This case study tells the story of how EVAL helped UW Carbone Cancer Center receive a unanimous “Outstanding” grade on their CCSG renewal.

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How the UF Health Cancer Center Improved Processes for Showing Research ROI

Applying for the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) is a difficult process to manage, especially for centers applying for the first time when seeking NCI-designation. The CCSG application process is complex and resource-intensive, especially when data is decentralized, and processes are not clearly defined. This is the story of how the University of Florida Health

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