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Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center sees 52% time savings with Forte Participant Payments

With an increasing number of clinical trials conducted each year, IU’s Simon Cancer Center searched for a system that would decrease clinical staff’s time spent paying study participants and reduce inefficient workflows and associated costs.

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Karmanos Cancer Institute unites operational teams and creates optimized processes with Forte Insights for OnCore

Team members at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute recognized the importance of operational efficiency, and investigated ways they could gather and present operational data they had already collected to identify areas of success and opportunities for growth.

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Stipends vs. Reimbursements: Which is Best for Paying Research Subjects?

Learn how paying participant stipends separately from reimbursements can have a positive impact on enrollment and retention during a clinical trial.

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3 Key Steps for Building a Successful Research Billing Compliance Process

Ryan Meade, of Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, discusses steps an institution should take to begin building a successful compliance process.

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Negotiating Study Budgets: Site and Sponsor Perspectives

Conference presenters discuss different perspectives on study budgets and how stakeholders can come to mutual agreement.

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Examining the Impact and Solutions to Extremely Delayed Site Payments from Sponsors

See the results of Forte’s survey of over 120 representatives from clinical trial sites and sponsors on the causes and challenges of extremely delayed clinical trial payments.

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Forte Presents Winners of the Fall 2017 MAGI Award for Excellence in Site Payments

Forte helped announce the winners of the 2017 Fall MAGI Award for Excellence in Site Payments at MAGI’s West Clinical Research Conference on November 12, 2017. Forte partnered with MAGI to further analyze industry trends in site payments and to celebrate and recognize sponsors and CROs that pay sites promptly and consistently. Over 40,000 payment

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How to Communicate with Your Principal Investigator and Avoid Operating at a Loss

Workshop discussion reveals common struggles and creative solutions for communicating with PIs about site financials.

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Steps to Enhance Clinical Trial Financial Management at Your Research Institution

During this webinar, Bishoy Anastasi of UCLA and David Goodrich of IU will discuss how their respective organizations addressed common challenges in financial management processes.

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Optimize Research Operations and Facilitate Sponsor Conversations Using Financial Operations Analytics

Digging into your financial operations can surface trends across your sponsor invoicing process and cash flow. Learn which trends can help you optimize your financial operations.

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