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Informed Consent: How do You Assess a Patient’s Understanding?

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners answers this question and more from a popular webinar presentation on informed consent.

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The Art of Conducting an Effective Informed Consent Discussion

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners explains how sales and storytelling can be powerful elements of the conversation.

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Keeping Happy Patients on Clinical Trials

Happy patients make for cooperative and compliant patients. Follow these three tips for keeping happy patients on clinical trials.

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Best Practices in Pre-Screening Includes Use of Technology

Pre-screening subjects is common practice at most sites. In this article, learn some best practices and how technology can play an important role.

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Many Clinical Trial Challenges Have Roots in Communication Gaps

Bringing sponsors, monitors, and site staff together, ACRP was the perfect opportunity to address some of the challenges encountered around communication.

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Strategies for Successful Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment in clinical trials can be long and tedious. Learn strategies to build out a plan and boost enrollment, improving site success.

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Patient Retention: Minimize Dropout Rates Simply and Effectively

Since recruitment alone can be a long, tedious, and costly activity, it is critical that enrolled subjects maintain their participation for the duration of the trial.

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