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Patient Consent and Eligibility are More than Just a Signature

Jill Heinz of Injury Care Research explains how her site uses patient-centric techniques to overcome eligibility challenges in chronic pain studies.

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Face Value: Building Your Patient Database Through Community Awareness

Learn how local networking can increase trial enrollment and strengthen your site’s reputation.

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One IS the Loneliest Number (for Patient Enrollment)

Many clinical research professionals may think enrolling zero patients in a study is the worst-case scenario, but is it actually worse to enroll only one?

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Clinical Trial Individualizes Patient Care with Robotic Teddy Bear

Boston Children’s Hospital and and M.I.T’s Media Lab conduct a clinical trial to study the effects of social robotics on patients during hospital visits.

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What Does the Future of Pharma-Patient Collaboration Look Like?

At Partnerships in Clinical Trials, a keynote panel featured study participants discussing ways sponsors can connect with and reach patients.

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Get Noticed: The Importance of Branding Clinical Trials

Ashley Eldridge of ClinEdge will present on clinical trial branding, including how to create study branding that is memorable and compelling to your target patients.

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Retention in Clinical Trials – Keeping Patients on Protocols

Forte’s latest infographic on patient retention includes average dropout rates, reasons study volunteers withdraw, and solutions for better retention.

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How to Speed up Clinical Trials: 3 Things Sponsors Have Done (That You Might Not Have Thought Of)

At Partnerships in Clinical Trials, three real-world examples were given of what sponsors have done to successfully cut down clinical trial timelines.

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Xbox: Helping New Patients Qualify for Clinical Trials

Researchers use Kinect to measure extremity movement in children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, hoping those who can’t walk may qualify for trials.

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Root Cause Analysis: Improve Predictability of Patients Enrolled vs. Planned

As part of the clinical research root cause analysis series, explore how to improve the predictability of the number of patients enrolled vs planned.

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