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Retention in Clinical Trials – Keeping Patients on Protocols

Forte’s latest infographic on patient retention includes average dropout rates, reasons study volunteers withdraw and solutions for better retention.

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Waiving Informed Consent Under the Proposed Rule

Under the Proposed Rule, minimal risk trials may have the ability to waive informed consent. Explore the benefits and challenges of this rule.

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Social Media Marketing for Patient Recruitment

With recruitment challenges on the rise for sites, consider finding potential participants on social media.

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Top 6 Challenges in Informed Consent

Informed consent is important to any clinical trial – but that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges. Read more about the top 6 challenges research institutions face.

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Patient Recruitment and Enrollment in Clinical Trials

Check out this infographic on patient recruitment and enrollment to see how people find out about clinical trials, why they choose to participate, and more.

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Strategic Approaches to Identify Recruitment Issues and Interventions

Katie Eddleton, Associate Director at the University of Florida (UF), share her team’s experience tracking projected vs actual enrollment for clinical studies and identifying studies at risk of not meeting minimum enrollment targets.

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Unpacking the Benefits and Drawbacks to eConsent

With electronic processes dominating systems, electronic consent is starting to make its way onto the scene. Check out the benefits and drawbacks to the alternative consent process.

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5 Questions to Enhance Your Clinical Trial Enrollment Planning

Answer these questions to create a solid subject enrollment plan and increase the success of your patient recruitment campaigns.

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Tools and Strategies to Address Underperforming Studies at Your Institution

At the 2019 Fall Onsemble Conference, attendees heard a variety of perspectives on dealing with a common issue: low- and non-accruing clinical trials.

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Maximizing Recruitment Potential for Research Studies

Chanel Mansfield and Neva Garner, both of the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, presented at the 2019 Fall Onsemble Conference on lessons learned during the recruitment process.

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