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Improving Site-Sponsor Relationships Leads to Transparent Clinical Trials

The site-sponsor relationship is a multi-faceted one. The need for communication and understanding between the two is prevalent now more than ever.

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Patient Engagement and the IRB

The research community has increased patient and participant engagement, potentially impacting IRB review

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For Sponsors and Sites, the Research Restart Effort Begins with Communication

The global pandemic has changed the way we think about research. Sponsors should consider how the “new normal” will impact sites and current studies as they plan to re-start research.

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Finding a “New Normal” in Clinical Research

For much of 2020, COVID-19 has challenged “normal,” daily lives of many, but what does that mean for clinical research?

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Trial Design in the Time of COVID-19: Complex and Efficient

While the clinical research community is currently being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, adaptive and platform study designs may provide much-needed help for sites.

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Clinical Trials Day: Thanking the Unsung Heroes

May 20 marks the 16th annual Clinical Trials Day. Now more than ever, it’s important to thank those at the focal point of research and recognize those unsung heroes are found at research sites and institutions

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Keep in Touch: Tips for Working with a Single IRB for the First Time

Recent regulations and policies have ushered in the era of mandated single IRB (sIRB) review. Many institutions must now establish policies and processes for working with an external sIRB.

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More is Not Always More: Stop Opening Trials That Don’t Enroll

Quantity of open studies isn’t always the best indicator of success. Be sure you ask these questions before taking on that next clinical trial.

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Q&A Part I: Evaluating Payment to Participate in Research: Ethical and Regulatory Issues

In this Q&A, Dr. Luke Gelinas answers attendee questions from his webinar “Evaluating Payment to Participate in Research: Ethical and Regulatory Issues.”

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Study Activation: A Complex Process That Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Long activations is a familiar concept in the clinical trial landscape. How can your site improve your study activation timelines?

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