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Preview: Forte’s Pre-Conference Workshop at CCAF 2019

In just over a week, members of the Forte team will be joining cancer center administrators and staff from around the country at the annual Cancer Center Administrator’s Forum, hosted by the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. In addition to being a proud sponsor of the conference, Forte will

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Improve Data Quality Throughout the Clinical Trial Lifecycle

Effective data management is essential to ensuring accurate data collection, entry, reports and validation, and it’s critical to establish and maintain organization-wide standards for data management to ensure consistency across all individuals and teams throughout the trial lifecycle. This infographic shows how quality data practices can influence critical stages of the clinical trial process.

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How to Generate Leadership Buy-In for a Research Evaluation System

The business case for a research evaluation system may seem clear to you. The reduced administrative burden, improved data accuracy and integrity, and ability to proactively plan and make data-informed decisions facilitated by a research evaluation technology solution all offer significant efficiency gains for a research administration department. But the benefits may not seem as

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Beginner’s Guide to Telling Your Cancer Center’s Story

If the data your cancer center needs for grant applications currently lives in multiple disconnected systems, requiring you to compile information in cumbersome and often inaccurate spreadsheets, it may be time to consider how technology can help. Research evaluation software can help you tell your center’s story and demonstrate value to the NCI, NIH and

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Breaking Down the CCSG: An Overview of the Cancer Center Support Grant

This article is designed to help give you some background on the CCSG. It’s a good starting point if you’re just getting acquainted with the grant and its requirements.

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How the UW Carbone Cancer Center Improved Data Management Processes for the CCSG

Learn how UWCCC improved their data management and curation policies, which lead to a unanimous “Outstanding” rating on their recent CCSG renewal.

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UW Carbone Cancer Center Improves CCSG Data Management Processes with EVAL

This case study tells the story of how EVAL helped UW Carbone Cancer Center receive a unanimous “Outstanding” grade on their CCSG renewal.

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How Centralizing Data Can Help Showcase Your Research ROI

Learn how centralized data can help institutions efficiently and accurately report their research performance and discover the tools to help.

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How the UF Health Cancer Center Improved Processes for Showing Research ROI

Applying for the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) is a difficult process to manage, especially for centers applying for the first time when seeking NCI-designation. The CCSG application process is complex and resource-intensive, especially when data is decentralized, and processes are not clearly defined. This is the story of how the University of Florida Health

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UF Health Cancer Center Leverages EVAL to Showcase the Value of Their Research Portfolio

When the UF Health Cancer Center made the decision to seek NCI designation, they realized they needed a way to go beyond simply tracking and storing data related to investigators, publications and grants. They needed to make connections with the data in order to demonstrate research ROI to the NCI in order to successfully manage the CCSG application process.

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