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Advantages of EDC Over Other Methods for Data Capture

Consultant, Anders Lindquist, examines traditional methods of data capture and discusses the advantages to using a electronic data capture (EDC) system.

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Switching to a New Enterprise Research System

Learn how leading research institutions selected and implemented a new system.

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How to Increase Site Productivity With a CTMS

Learn how a CTMS can help Increase productivity, maintain compliance, and improve cash flow at your site.

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Managing your Site’s Financials with a CTMS

In this eBook, learn how a CTMS can help you gain control over your site’s finances and improve your financial health.

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Best Practices in Pre-Screening Includes Use of Technology

Pre-screening subjects is common practice at most sites. In this article, learn some best practices and how technology can play an important role.

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Indiana University Effectively Manages Staff Workloads

Learn how the university used functionality in the OnCore enterprise research system to help track staff effort.

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Can I use my EMR as a CTMS?

Discover the limitations of utilizing an EMR in place of a CTMS for clinical research, and learn the key differences between the two systems.

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UCSF Recovers Significant Revenue

Learn how the university gained greater visibility into study conduct, reduced cycle times and more, with the OnCore enterprise research system.

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CTMS and EMR Software: Why Integration is Necessary

It must be an industry priority to collaborate in order to integrate electronic health record systems with clinical trial management systems.

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Is Now the Right Time for a CTMS?

There may be a number of reasons you’re looking for a CTMS. Before you get too far along in the process, make sure that now is the right time.

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