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Financing Clinical Trials Q&A – Part 2

In this second article of his two-part Q&A, Scott Palmese of BlueTheory Clinical Trials addresses attendee questions regarding sponsor negotiations, invoices, payment models, and more.

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Financing Clinical Trials – Q&A

Webinar presenter, Scott Palmese of BlueTheory Clinical Trials, addresses questions about fair market value, monitor change fees, sponsor negotiations and more.

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Financing Clinical Trials – Appropriate Compensation and Allocation of Study Budgets

Join us for this webinar as Scott Palmese of BlueTheory Clinical Trials discusses how to effectively manage your site’s study budgets.

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What’s Fair about Fair Market Value in Research?

Take a closer look at fair market value – what it is, different approaches and how sites can achieve FMV when negotiating their next study budget.

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Negotiating Trial Budgets: Tips to Help Sites Stand Their Ground

When discussing a study budget, negotiation is key. Learn the best tools to highlight site successes, plan protocol costs and negotiate the best budget.

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Time is Money: Documenting the Time it Takes to Conduct Research

Beth Harper, president of Clinical Performance Partners, discusses the need to document work effort in clinical trials for better productivity.

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Work Effort Tracking and Management Revisited: The Need, the Value and the Process

Learn how sites can get more out of tracking staff effort. Presented by Beth Harper, President of Clinical Performance Partners, Inc.

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Providing Detailed Time and Effort Assessments With Budget Requests [Q&A]

Beth King shares her site’s experience in providing sponsors a detailed time and effort assessment with budget request, including start-up activities.

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Strategic Patient Screening Q&A – Feasibility & Budgets

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners answers study feasibility and recruitment budget questions asked in her webinar, Strategic Patient Screening.

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Negotiating a Stronger Clinical Trial Agreement and Budget

Improve your negotiating skills with sponsors and land stronger CTAs and budgets with helpful tips from this eBook.

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