Business Intelligence for Clinical Research: Customization vs. Community-Developed

Kristina Lopienski
July 17th, 2018

When it comes to understanding your clinical research performance, you may think your center is unlike any other. While it’s possible you have unique strengths and areas of focus, it might surprise you to know you’re more similar to other sites than different.

Business intelligence solutions that use a community-based development approach to provide an in-depth understanding of current state of affairs and project future outcomes, like Forte Insights, offer multiple benefits over a fully customized approach. Read on to learn how you can gain meaningful insights into your site’s performance with a tool driven by the community, as compared to going the customization route.

Learn from peers and gain new ideas to move the industry forward

There is great value in collaborating to establish meaningful analytics. Collaboration spurs innovation by bringing together people who have different experiences to generate new ideas.

When different organizations come together to discuss use cases and how they think about solving a problem, people learn new metrics to report on, ways to solve operational issues, and strategies to take back to their institutions. The output produced across institutions is greater than what one institution could come up with on its own. They are not just receiving the reports they haven’t had a chance to create on their own; they are buying into the entirety of what others are doing.

This approach presents a unique opportunity to identify best practices for operations as a whole. Rather than keep information in silos – especially when others are struggling with the same issues – sharing knowledge can move the industry forward. It allows challenges to come to the forefront and solutions to be refined and improved, leading to ground-breaking tools and processes that advance operations industry-wide, increase efficiencies and improve standards.

Utilize standardized technology for consistency and simplicity

Data is often fragmented across many sources. However, established research organizations have a lot of intelligence trapped in their enterprise research systems and can significantly benefit from more advanced analytics that would allow them to understand, measure, and continuously optimize their operations to become a center of excellence.

Forte Insights is seamlessly integrated with OnCore and Forte Research Evaluation System (EVAL) to analyze current, comprehensive and meaningful data from other standards-based systems that support best practices without the need for large amounts of customization by each institution. Less customization means more room to promote consistent and efficient processes across staff and departments.

Of course, just because it’s not a fully customized analytics tool, doesn’t mean it will be too generic. Instead, it provides flexibility where it is most needed, allowing organizations to meet their goals without the need for large-scale customization projects.

Forte Insights lets you filter countless fields and drill down further into different levels. It can also match any customizations at the institution-level, based on how an organization is structured in OnCore. This customization includes custom reference codes, organizationally structured management groups and institution-specific filters used in OnCore.

Gain immediate insights without any internal effort

Typically, the more customizable a system is, the more cost and effort there could be for updates and maintenance. Standardized technologies on the other hand require fewer internal resources and are quick to deploy in comparison. Tools like Forte Insights are already compatible with other solutions, like OnCore or EVAL, and are tailored to clinical research processes. Their sophisticated dashboards will automatically populate and sync data, without the help of any IT resources.

In addition to instant, out-of-the-box interpretation of a visualization that allow organizations to make timely decisions about their program and portfolio, Forte Insights evolves rapidly to meet the needs of its users, with fast turnaround times and constant agile development. This is quicker and less risky than relying on a customized project where internal resources will be required.

There are many considerations when deciding whether to build or buy an analytics solution. Customization is often thought of as necessary before people truly understand the other options available and how they play into an organization’s nuances. The community-based approach to development offers many benefits over a fully customized solution and we hope you can join our community. Learn more about Forte Insights.