Author: Dr. Wendy Tate

Dr. Wendy Tate

Wendy Tate is Director of Analytics at Forte. In her current role she collaborates with institutions to develop and validate meaningful and quality metrics regarding various aspects of clinical trial operations. Prior to Forte, Wendy worked at the University of Arizona for 15 years, where she spent 2 years at the University of Arizona Cancer Center in clinical trials administration and 6 ½ years at the IRB where she focused her efforts on operational metrics, process improvement, and compliance. She has a master’s degree in Applied Biosciences and recently received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy, and Outcomes, with a minor in Epidemiology.

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Clinical Research & Technology Competency – Where Do We Stand? 

As technology is having an increasingly greater impact on the conduct of clinical research, professionals must learn and manage multiple new systems, tools and technologies requiring broader, more sophisticated skills and competencies.    ACRP has worked to define competencies for the clinical research workforce and technology is encompassed in one of those competencies. However, there’s currently no organized evidence on what

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Key Considerations for Regulatory Compliant Document Storage

The criteria covered in 21 CFR Part 11 are not the only requirements that should be considered for compliant document management associated with clinical trials.

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3 Key Trends in Cancer Center Performance

See how your center stacks up to these three performance trends among NCI-designated cancer centers.

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The Key to Effective Analytics: Know the Question You Are Trying to Answer

Knowing the question you’re trying to answer is the most important place to start when approaching metrics.

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A Statistician’s Viewpoint on Metrics for Your Research Program

Forte’s expert statistician gives her thoughts and tips for organizations looking to track operational metrics. Her greatest advice: know thy question.

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[Q&A] Best Practices for Ethical and Compliant Delegation of Authority

Webinar presenter responds to these questions and provides resources for additional guidance on clinical trial delegation of authority logs.

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[Q&A] Top 3 Challenges in Clinical Research and How to Address Them

Learn methods for addressing some of the research industry’s most pressing challenges and gain insights about performance metrics, effort tracking and more.

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Diversity in Clinical Trials: Recruiting Women and Minorities in Research

Dr. Wendy Tate discusses the industry’s progress toward greater inclusivity in clinical trials and identifies the continued need for improved diversity in research.

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[Q&A] Regulatory Considerations for Patient Recruitment

Co-presenter, Dr. Wendy Tate, addresses attendee questions following Forte’s recent webinar on advertising clinical trials for patient recruitment.

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AACI-CRI Day One: Making Strides Towards Streamlined Clinical Trials

AACI-CRI meeting attendees discuss methods for increasing efficiencies in clinical trials, including feasibility committees and workload assessment.

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