Author: Stuart Cotter

Stuart Cotter

Stuart Cotter is Director, Product Success at Forte. In this role, he collaborates with our current customers to understand their challenges, and translates those challenges into solution-based enhancements to our product offerings. Prior to joining our Product Management team, Stuart worked as a Product Support Specialist at Forte on Allegro CTMS, where he worked alongside dozens of small- to mid-sized research sites to help them overcome their operational hurdles.

PRIM&R AER Conference: Collaborating to Advance Ethical Research

The 2019 PRIM&R AER Conference provided insights into the changing regulatory world, and reaffirmed the importance of technology as processes and regulations continue to evolve.

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Creating New Efficiencies Through Multi-Site Regulatory Data Exchange

Coordinating centersĀ  often struggle with the administrative burden of managing regulatory documents across multiple participating sites. We collaborated with our customers to address this challenge through the Forte eRegulatory Management System.

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Getting the Most from Your Integrated Site Solutions

Integrated research systems can help streamline your operations, centralize workflows and reduce effort across your teams. But choosing your technology providers can have a big impact on long-term success at your organization.

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Trial Data Exchange: A Site-Centric Approach to Standardizing Regulatory Management

The Trial Data Exchange will build a two-sided network, allowing sites and sponsors can easily access and share standardized clinical research data, including critical regulatory documents.

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Enhancing Compliance and Identifying Risk through Centralized Monitoring

Centralized monitoring can help monitors quickly identify problem protocols and/or sites to reduce regulatory risks, data errors and protocol deviations.

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Reduce Your Study Activation Timeline by Implementing Master Delegation of Authority

Learn how a Master Delegation of Authority can streamline the delegation process by standardizing tasks at the organization level.

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5 Tips to Boost Protocol Training Workflows at Your Institution

Use these tips to streamline training workflows for protocol staff at your organization.

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4 Reasons Your Institution Needs an eRegulatory System

Stuart Cotter of Forte details what key issues a research institution can address by implementing an eRegulatory system.

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Best Practices in Pre-Screening Includes Use of Technology

Pre-screening subjects is common practice at most sites. In this article, learn some best practices and how technology can play an important role.

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