Author: Scott Palmese

Scott Palmese

Scott Palmese is the Director of Clinical Operations at BTC Network. Scott and his team at BTC Network work with experienced clinical research sites across the U.S. and Canada to bring in new study leads, as well as help with budget and contract negotiations, receivable management, and other operational needs. He holds a Master’s in Medical Science from Boston University, and previously worked as a Clinical Operations Coordinator for several years at a large dedicated research facility in Florida.

Website: BTC Network

[Q&A] How to Make Your Clinical Research Site Stand Out in a Crowded Industry

Webinar presenter, Scott Palmese answers attendee questions about sponsor relationships, feasibility questionnaires and more.

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Financing Clinical Trials Q&A – Part 2

In this second article of his two-part Q&A, Scott Palmese of BlueTheory Clinical Trials addresses attendee questions regarding sponsor negotiations, invoices, payment models, and more.

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Financing Clinical Trials – Q&A

Webinar presenter, Scott Palmese of BlueTheory Clinical Trials, addresses questions about fair market value, monitor change fees, sponsor negotiations and more.

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[Q&A] How to Find the Hidden Studies

Following his recent webinar, Scott Palmese discusses how to maintain relationships with CROs, keep track of contacts, re-establish connections, and more.

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