Author: Meghan Hosely

Meghan Hosely

Meghan is the Marketing Content Writer for Forte, and is an active contributor to Forte’s educational resources, including webinars, blog articles, eBooks and more.

Beginner’s Guide to Investigator-Initiated Trials

In investigator-initiated trials, an investigator takes on the clinical study as both the sponsor and investigator. Learn more about IITs impact on the clinical research industry.

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Making the Most Out of Your Next Clinical Research Industry Conference

Attending an industry conference reaps many benefits, but you get out of it what you put into it. Check out these tips and tricks to maximize your time.

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Preparing for Your Next Good Clinical Practice Audit

There are many layers to a GCP audit. Explore the parts of an audit, what it accomplishes and how to effectively adhere to GCP.

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Creating a Positive Environment: 4 Tips to Motivate and Support Employees

Creating a positive work environment is beneficial for everyone in the organization. Check out these 4 tips to enhance your organization’s culture.

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Site Empowerment Starts with Enhanced Communication

Site empowerment aims to improve the relationship between sites and their sponsors. Successful site-sponsor relationships all come down to establishing and upholding clear communication.

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Spring 2020 Onsemble Conference: 6 Can’t-Miss Sessions

Registration for Spring 2020 Onsemble is now open. Thinking of attending? Check out 6 can’t-miss sessions.

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Understanding the Types of FDA Inspections

Receiving notice of an FDA audit can be stressful for an organization. Breaking down the different types of inspections, here’s what you can expect upon each announcement.

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Establishing Change Management in the Workplace

While change is bound to happen in any workplace, there are steps organizations can take to ease the transition. Learn more about common practices to implement in your organization.

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Waiving Informed Consent Under the Proposed Rule

Under the Proposed Rule, minimal risk trials may have the ability to waive informed consent. Explore the benefits and challenges of this rule.

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Forte’s Top 10 Clinical Research Resources of 2019

We strive to create meaningful and relevant content for the clinical research industry. Check out our top 10 resources of 2019.

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