Author: James Wurdeman

James Wurdeman

James joined Forte in 2005 and has led both the Customer Support and Product Management teams. As Chief Product Officer, James brings a deep understanding of customer needs to the product development roadmap. Collaborating with customers is the cornerstone of Forte’s product strategy, and James works to ensure that all Forte products contribute to the company’s over-arching mission of helping our customers succeed.

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Setting the Stage for Progress at the 2019 Spring Onsemble Conference

At last week’s 2019 Spring Onsemble Conference, we shared progress we’ve made for customers with Forte products and services, as well as the Onsemble Community’s progress toward connecting key industry stakeholders. 

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Moving Research Forward at the 2018 Fall Onsemble Conference

At the 2018 Fall Onsemble conference, we introduced a wide array of product and services enhancements to help customers take their research operations to the next level.

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