Author: Bridget Gonzales and Sandra Jovanovic

Bridget Gonzales and Sandra Jovanovic

Bridget Gonzales and Sandra Jovanovic: Bridget has over 10 years of Clinical Research experience in positions as a CRC, QA Manager, Site Director, Project Manager and Business Operations Manager. Her experience has been within multi-therapeutic late phase dedicated research facilities as well as a Phase 1 Oncology Research Institute. She has a passion for research and an eye for seeing the big picture and process improvement. Recently she has taken on a new role to be a resource to research sites, Sponsors and CROs in staffing and consulting. Sandra leads the division within Medix responsible for developing, delivering and driving innovative strategies. She uses her previous experience from higher education and international marketing to develop programs and workforce solutions such as Medix MatchĀ® and Medix Intelligenceā„  to better align the network of talent and clients Medix partners with.

Website: Medix Clinical Research

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