Author: Beth Harper

Beth Harper

Beth is the President of Clinical Performance Partners, Inc., a consultancy focused on enhancing enrollment and site performance in clinical trials. She can be reached at or 817-946-4782.

Website: Clinical Performance Partners, Inc.

[Q&A] Operational Considerations When Advertising for Patient Recruitment

Co-presenter, Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners, addresses attendee questions following Forte’s recent webinar on advertising clinical trials for patient recruitment.

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Work Effort Tracking and Management Revisited [Q&A]

Following her webinar on work effort tracking, Beth Harper discusses effective tracking tools and strategies sites can implement on complex protocols.

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Workload Planning – Determine Capacity and Maximize Productivity

Beth Harper, president, Clinical Performance Partners, discusses how and why to use workload planning to improve staff efficiency for clinical trials

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Time is Money: Documenting the Time it Takes to Conduct Research

Beth Harper, president of Clinical Performance Partners, discusses the need to document work effort in clinical trials for better productivity.

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Reverse Feasibility Questionnaires – Site Empowerment Q&A

As a follow-up to last month’s Site Empowerment webinar, Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners answers your questions on reverse feasibility questionnaires.

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Standard Site Profiles – Site Empowerment Q&A

Beth Harper, President of Clinical Performance Partners, answers your questions on standard site profiles from last month’s Site Empowerment webinar.

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Site Empowerment Q&A with Beth Harper

Here’s the first round of answers to your questions that came in during our latest webinar on Site Empowerment, presented by Beth Harper.

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Site Selection Empowerment Techniques

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners lists site empowerment techniques that can be applied during the study site selection process.

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Re-thinking the Patient Pre-screening Process

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners explains how a more strategic approach to patient pre-screening can lead to greater efficiencies and improved protocol compliance.

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Strategic Patient Screening Q&A – Pre-Screening Process Related

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners answers questions related to the pre-screening process asked in her webinar, Strategic Patient Screening.

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