Author: Ashley Toy

Ashley Toy

Ashley is the Product Marketing Manager for Forte's Research Evaluation System (EVAL), Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System, Participant Payment System, business intelligence system (Insights), and comparative analytics tool (Benchmarks) products. In addition to assisting with the development of marketing and product strategy, Ashley is an active contributor to Forte's educational resources, including webinars, blog articles, eBooks and more.

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“The Power of Community”: How Sites, CROs and Sponsors Can Best Partner for Success

To discuss the vision for a more connected clinical research industry, the Trial Data Exchange Consortium participated in a panel discussion at the Spring Onsemble Conference entitled “How Sites, CROs, and Sponsors can Best Partner for Success”.

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Spring Onsemble Conference Exemplifies Forte’s Core Values

This year’s Spring Onsemble Conference is in full swing. Forte team members have joined a record number of customer community members for four days of learning, sharing and innovating. From workshops to presentations, and even discussions at meals, the conversation is the embodiment of Forte’s four core values: collaboration, pursuing excellence, fulfilling commitments and celebration.

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Cancer Center Administrators and Staff Find Harmony at CCAF 2019

Earlier this week, cancer center administrators and staff gathered for the 2019 Cancer Center Administrators’ Forum. Hosted by the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota, the conference took place in Minneapolis, the hometown of pop musician Prince. The musically-themed conference was an opportunity for administrators to collaborate and learn from one another’s challenges,

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How to Generate Leadership Buy-In for a Research Evaluation System

The business case for a research evaluation system may seem clear to you. The reduced administrative burden, improved data accuracy and integrity, and ability to proactively plan and make data-informed decisions facilitated by a research evaluation technology solution all offer significant efficiency gains for a research administration department. But the benefits may not seem as

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Beginner’s Guide to Telling Your Cancer Center’s Story

If the data your cancer center needs for grant applications currently lives in multiple disconnected systems, requiring you to compile information in cumbersome and often inaccurate spreadsheets, it may be time to consider how technology can help. Research evaluation software can help you tell your center’s story and demonstrate value to the NCI, NIH and

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Breaking Down the CCSG: An Overview of the Cancer Center Support Grant

This article is designed to help give you some background on the CCSG. It’s a good starting point if you’re just getting acquainted with the grant and its requirements.

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How the UW Carbone Cancer Center Improved Data Management Processes for the CCSG

Learn how UWCCC improved their data management and curation policies, which lead to a unanimous “Outstanding” rating on their recent CCSG renewal.

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Forte Embraces the Spirit of Giving in 2018

Our company culture is an important part of who we are at Forte, and one of the most special aspects of our culture is giving back to the community through donations and volunteer work. In lieu of gifts for the holidays, Forte made a charitable donation on behalf of our customers and asked them to

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How the UF Health Cancer Center Improved Processes for Showing Research ROI

Applying for the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) is a difficult process to manage, especially for centers applying for the first time when seeking NCI-designation. The CCSG application process is complex and resource-intensive, especially when data is decentralized, and processes are not clearly defined. This is the story of how the University of Florida Health

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Ask the Experts: 5 Best Practices for Building eCRFs

Use these best practices to effectively build and implement eCRFs for your clinical trials and see higher quality data collection at your research organization.

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