An Easier Go-Live: 4 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Your CTMS

April Schultz
April 23rd, 2019

Congrats! You’ve chosen a clinical trial management system (CTMS) for your site. Now it’s time to start thinking about system implementation.

At the beginning of the implementation process, it’s likely your vendor will ask a lot of questions about your site’s goals for using a CTMS. Thinking through these questions and discussing them with your end users can speed up the initial implementation process and give your vendor a better assessment of your site’s specific needs.

Here are four common questions your vendor may ask during a CTMS on-boarding call:

1. Who will be using the system?

Knowing your end users helps your vendor determine which parts of the system are the highest priority and assists during system training.

2. How will the system affect your workflows?

Evaluating how your staff communicates will help you and your vendor determine the best methods for training and implementing across various individuals and departments. With a good understanding of your site workflows, your vendor will also be able to explain any adjustments that might need to be made when using the CTMS.

3. What is your implementation timeline?

Often, it isn’t feasible for sites to implement all capabilities of a CTMS at one time. Deciding how soon you want to be using your CTMS will help you and your vendor prioritize the different elements of the system. With a timeline, you can set achievable goals and start implementing the parts of the CTMS that are most important to your site’s needs.

4. What are your plans for migrating to a new system?

Migrating information to a new system can be intimidating, so communication with your vendor is key to speeding up the process. Your vendor has likely worked with sites in similar situations to yours and can let you know what they learned from those experiences.

To learn more ways you can prepare for your CTMS, build a good relationship with your vendor, and expedite the implementation and adoption process, read our free eBook “Implementing Your CTMS: Essential Steps to Get You Started.”

eBook: Implementing Your CTMS