7 Can’t-Miss Sessions at the Fall 2019 Onsemble Conference

Ashley Toy
August 27th, 2019

If you’ve been to an Onsemble Conference before, you know the strength of the community, the value of the educational sessions and the joy of the celebrations at the event. If you’re new to the Onsemble Community, or are thinking of attending the conference for the first time, you can experience sharing best practices, networking and the fun of the conference in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin.

Want to know more about the kinds of presentations you’ll see at the conference? Here’s a preview of seven can’t-miss sessions from each of the different subject focus areas.

Financials – “Financials Reporting – OnCore Reports and Insights”

Becca Ennis, Natalie Hellmer and Jeff Parks, Forte

Ensuring a site’s finances are effectively managed is key to the success of any organization. However, gaining visibility into financial processes is sometimes difficult. In this session, representatives from Forte will share a number of different tools institutions can use to report on their financial lifecycle, including standard OnCore reports, financial dashboards in Forte Insights and custom reports shared on the Exchange on Onsemble.net.

Regulatory – “Ask the IRB Director”

Mariette Marsh, Director, Human Subjects Protection & Privacy Program, University of Arizona

Have questions about regulations, workflows or working with your compliance teams? This is your opportunity to ask. This session will be an open Q&A with Mariette Marsh of the University of Arizona. She will address topics related to the compliance side of research and how compliance units can help researchers effectively meet their study goals.

Adoption & Training – “Filling the Gaps – Role-Based OnCore Training”

Robert Haskins, Systems Coordinator, Fox Chase Cancer Center

When developing a training program, it’s important to consider how you’re delivering information to different groups. Role-based training is a great way to ensure individuals receive information in the way best suited for their needs. Robert Haskins from Fox Chase Cancer Center will talk about how role-based OnCore training can be an effective way to build your training program.

Recruitment and Accrual – “Recruitment Support Strategies from an Institutional Perspective”

Neva Garner and Chanel Mansfield, University of Colorado-Denver

Increasing recruitment and accrual to an organization’s studies is often a struggle. In order to boost recruitment, organizations need to leverage technology to support the accrual efforts of their investigators’ studies. Learn how the University of Colorado-Denver uses OnCore and Insights to support recruitment across their organization’s studies.

Leadership – “Accrual Prediction Through Machine Learning in Reviewing Protocol Feasibility”

Wendy Tate, Director, Analytics, Forte

Feasibility reviews are becoming more and more common at research organizations. Forte has been using machine learning to develop an accrual prediction algorithm to better foresee protocol feasibility from an accrual standpoint. Learn more about this initiative from Wendy Tate, Forte’s Director of Analytics.

Technical & Informatics – “Project Management, Ticketing System and Upgrade Ticketing”

Amy Drake, Senior Business System Analyst at The Ohio State University

Organization is key to any successful project. In this session, Amy Drake of The Ohio State University will discuss different tools and techniques for research institutions to use to help facilitate administrative projects, help desk requests, upgrade coordination and more.

Data-Driven Best Practices – Benchmarks Sessions

Various Presenters

A new focus area this year, the Data-Driven Best Practices sessions will focus on top performers according to Forte Benchmarks, a comparative analytics platform allowing research organizations to measure their performance metrics against their peers. We’ll highlight the most improved, top performers and other standout organizations in a variety of different categories to highlight their best practices and recommendations.

Join us in Madison for the Fall 2019 Onsemble Conference from September 17-20. Learn more about the Onsemble conference and register on the conference website by September 6th to take advantage of the Advanced Rate!