3 Ways Integration Between a CTMS & Participant Payment System Streamlines Site Workflows

April Schultz
April 10th, 2018

If you’re using a clinical trial management system (CTMS) at your clinical research site, you’re already streamlining workflows and ensuring greater efficiency in essential clinical trial operations, including study visits, budgeting and more. However, inefficiencies can still arise when staff have to enter the same data into multiple, siloed systems, or perform tedious study-related activities by hand.

Manually processing payments to study participants can be inconvenient for all stakeholders. Check processing and/or manual submission of reimbursement requests involve multiple steps that can create inefficiencies and increase the amount of time it takes to pay participants. Automated systems, like Forte’s Participant Payments, enable real-time payments, reduce workloads for site staff and minimize the amount of time participants spend waiting to be paid.

Integrating a payment system with a CTMS further reduces the amount of time spent managing the payment process. Forte recently released Participant Payments, which features the first integrations with Forte’s enterprise CTMS, OnCore Enterprise Research system. This integration comes with a number of benefits that can help both OnCore and Participant Payments users centralize study information and build operational efficiencies. If you’re looking to improve your payment process and maximize the use of your CTMS, consider these three ways a CTMS and participant payments system integration can streamline your operations.

Connect siloed systems to combine workflows

Entering information multiple times into different systems is a significant pain point for many clinical research staff. Particularly for clinical research coordinators, duplicate data entry adds a significant amount of time and energy to an already packed workload. This duplication of data and separate workflows between systems also increases the potential for error and poses a risk to both protocol compliance and the participant experience.

System integration reduces this risk by connecting technology workflows and eliminating the need for separate data entry into multiple systems. Through integration of your CTMS and participant payment system, information is entered into one central location—the CTMS. This single point of entry streamlines workflows and makes it easier for staff to ensure participant and protocol details are accurate.

Be more patient-centric without increasing workloads

Waiting around for payment or reimbursement can be frustrating for participants, particularly for those familiar with more immediate payment methods such as direct deposit. Not only do payment systems allow participants to be paid the same day as their study visit, but systems like Forte’s also give them the option to choose their preferred form of payment.

This level of patient centricity is made easier through integration with your site’s CTMS. Details such as visit and payment information, protocol details and participants enrolled on protocols can now auto-populate into Forte’s system from technology your organization is already using. With all of this information already on hand, research staff can simply and quickly pay participants after each study visit.

Help Accounting stay organized

An electronic payment system keeps all stipend amounts and reimbursements in one location, helping your finance department organize information across protocols. Participant Payments also bridges the gap between finance and clinical teams by providing the option to set non-editable stipend amounts and maximums for reimbursements ahead of time for each protocol. With pre-approved amounts determined in advance, coordinators can simply hit ‘pay’ in the system or request reimbursements as soon as the visit occurs.

Through integration with OnCore, Participant Payments pulls information from your CTMS, including protocol and subject demographic information. This makes it easier for your finance department to stay organized and aware of when participants come in for visits and eliminates the need for staff to submit a request for every single payment.

Integration between your CTMS and payment system is key to connecting workflows and reducing the burden of manual data entry for clinical research staff. Learn more about how Participant Payments can help your organization build efficiencies through participant-centric payments.

Editor’s note: A version of this article was originally published on April 25, 2017.