3 Steps You Can Take Today to Accelerate Your Clinical Research Career

April Schultz
January 30th, 2018

For clinical researchers, professional development is key to staying competitive in the growing and evolving research landscape. It’s particularly important to have a well-rounded skillset and the ability to adapt to common industry changes. Continuous learning and improvement helps prepare you for new industry regulations, updates to good clinical practice (GCP), institutional turnover and more.

Seeking out new opportunities to learn and advance your career also benefits your employer by giving you the knowledge and tools to be successful in your current role. Take advantage of these three valuable opportunities to grow your career in clinical research and gain the necessary tools to make meaningful improvements.

Invest in education

Clinical research doesn’t allow much room for error, especially when performing complex tasks like activities related to coverage analysis and billing compliance. Quality work is essential to avoid negative downstream consequences. Investing in training and certification courses can give you the necessary skills to improve the quality of your work and develop expertise in targeted areas.

In-depth courses and workshops help participants develop a better understanding of complex topics and often provide time for group discussion and hands-on activities. Participating in a workshop or training course also gives you valuable knowledge to share with your organization to inform and improve current practices.

For example, Forte has partnered with industry leaders to offer the Coverage Analysis Certification™ Workshop for OnCore Enterprise Research system users. In this targeted workshop, attendees actively participate in group discussion and activities guided by some of the industry’s top coverage analysts. On completion, participants obtain industry-recognized certification in coverage analysis and leave with actionable takeaways they can share with their institutions to improve current billing operations.

Attend an industry conference

Networking is key to opening doors for professional growth. Connecting with individuals at peer institutions can help you understand possible career paths, and also equip you with people to go to for advice and resources. Conferences are a great opportunity to create new connections with members of the research community and learn from peer institutions.

Events like Forte’s Onsemble Conference foster an environment where ideas are free-flowing and clinical researchers can hear real experiences from leading industry professionals. By attending a conference, you gain the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and get advice to help address operational challenges at your institution.

Stay updated on best practices and current events

The clinical research industry is always evolving and introducing new regulations, best practices and innovations. It’s important to stay up-to-date on current industry practices and happenings so you can adapt to changes accordingly. Following credible industry blogs and publications is an easy way to stay informed and find best practices to optimize your clinical research operations.

Attending webinars is a low-cost opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain a better understanding of hot topics in research today. At Forte, we collaborate with industry experts from leading organizations to provide free educational resources, including blog articles, webinars, eBooks and more.

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