3 Reasons Why Charitable Giving Benefits Everyone Involved

April Schultz
December 11th, 2015

Generosity is a timeless trait, but the month of December is an iconic season for giving. Amid the bustle of the holidays, it’s important to remember our blessings and think of those who have less and need our help. Donating to charities is an easy way to give back to your community and assist those in need.

This article outlines three positive effects of donating time and money to charity this season.

1. It can make you healthier

A recent study conducted by students at the University of British Columbia reveals spending time and money on others may improve your physical health. This study examined adults, ages 55 and older, over a period of five years. Participants were asked to document hours spent volunteering and the type of volunteer work.

Results showed participants who reported higher amounts of volunteer time were 44% more likely to be alive by the end of the study. Adults who volunteered at least 4 hours per week were less likely to develop high blood pressure. Other studies have found volunteering and donating to charity may also reduce stress and improve cognitive brain functions.

2. It can support a movement

An initiative born in the wake of shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday directs attention and encourages individuals to donate and volunteer to worthy non-profits. Giving Tuesday is now celebrated annually on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and is fueled largely by online and social communities such as Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #GivingTuesday. The initiative serves as a platform to inspire generosity on a global scale.

Following a weekend often charged with stress and commercialism, this growing initiative is a good reminder of the true spirit of the season. You can help this movement grow by donating to non-profit organizations and promoting charitable giving on Giving Tuesday and throughout the entire month of December.

3. It’s easy to do

Online giving has now become the norm, making it simpler to donate money to your charity of choice. Nearly all charities allow donors to provide funds using easy-to-use payment portals, similar to those used by online shopping centers.

Websites like Charity Navigator also make it easy to research a wide range of non-profit organizations so you can find the most reputable charities and know how your donation will be spent.

Thanks to you

As clinical research professionals, we know you have a passion for helping others. Your research efforts work to find treatments for illnesses, increase longevity and enhance quality of life for your subjects. That’s why we entrusted our customers to help us perform our own charitable giving. With their assistance, Forte donated a total of $10,000 to three worthy charities: Charity Water, Habitat for Humanity and Feeding America. We thank all those who participated for helping us provide the basic needs of water, shelter and food to individuals around the world.

To learn more about donating to charity and how you can get involved in your local organizations, visit CharityNavigator.com or VolunteerMatch.org.