20 Questions to Help Your Clinical Research Site Get Noticed

By April Schultz | Content Marketing Manager, Forte Research Systems
August 18th, 2016


Summary: Use these questions to unlock your clinical research site's potential and stand out to sponsors, CROs and study participants.

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The clinical research industry becomes more competitive each year as new research sites enter the arena. To grow your study pipeline in this increasingly dynamic environment, it’s essential your clinical research site find ways to stand out to sponsors, CROs and potential study participants. To get noticed by these industry stakeholders, it’s important to pinpoint your site’s differentiating qualities and determine what makes it shine when compared to similar research sites.

Evaluate Your Site

A good first step to help you identify your unique marketing value is to conduct a solid evaluation of your clinical research facilities and practices. Here are some key questions to help you calculate your site’s assets and determine how you can stand out in the crowded clinical research landscape.

Facilities and Resources

  • What equipment do you own that could be used for clinical research purposes?
  • Does your site use a clinical trial management system (CTMS)?
  • What resources are available to you for the purpose of conducting a new clinical trial?
  • Is your site staff experienced in clinical research?
  • What certifications and/or training has your staff undergone?
  • Does your site have low employee turnover?

Data and Metrics

  • How do you track clinical trial metrics?
  • Are you able to generate quality reports for study data?
  • Does your site consistently meet accrual deadlines?
  • What were the metrics for your highest enrolling study?
  • What measures does your site take to find and address operations in need of improvement?

Participant Experiences

  • What does your participant database look like?
  • What efforts do you take to ensure participant retention?
  • How engaged is your participant population with your site?
  • How happy are your participants with their clinical trial experience?
  • Does your site have positive relationships with patient advocacy groups?

Networking and Outreach

  • Does your site have an up-to-date website?
  • How active is your site on social media?
  • Is your site active in your local community?
  • What industry conferences or networking events does your site attend?

Take Action

After a thorough evaluation of your site, it’s time to put your findings into action and use your site’s strengths to stand out in front of the right audiences. In our upcoming webinar, “How to Make Your Clinical Research Site Stand Out in a Crowded Industry,” Scott Palmese of BTC Network will outline methods for attracting positive attention from industry stakeholders. He’ll also explain strategies to build and maintain beneficial industry relationships. Register for the live presentation using the link below:

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