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5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

Spreadsheets are too basic of a tool to keep up with the increasing complexity of clinical trials. Here are 5 reasons to stop using them.

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Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials:  When and How?

Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials: When and How?

Trial participants often complete things that likely would not be requested with routine care. When and how to compensation subjects is often debated.

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Forte and Nimblify to Participate in 2017 MAGI Clinical Research Conference

conference networking connection

Join us at the 2017 MAGI East conference to help strengthen relationships between clinical research industry stakeholders and build efficiencies in clinical trials.

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CTMS-EMR Integrations: Maximizing the Value of Your Systems

Integrating your clinical trial management system and electronic medical record can improve your workflows, patient safety and more.

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3 Ways Integration Between a CTMS & Participant Payment System Streamlines Site Workflows

puzzle integration technology

Integrating your research site’s CTMS with a participant payment system can create efficiencies in payment processing and eliminate time spent entering data in multiple systems.

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Why You Should Consider Purchasing a CTMS Before Your Site’s Study Pipeline is Full

study pipeline conversion

Here we reveal why waiting until you have a full study pipeline to purchase a CTMS can be a drawback to the success of a system at your research site. Learn why you should consider purchasing even while your study pipeline is small.

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5 Steps to Follow When Shopping for a Validated EDC System

Shopping for a validated EDC system can seem like a daunting task. Learn five steps that make the process less confusing.

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About the series

Clinical research billing (CRB) is challenging for many clinical research professionals, and building a solid CRB initiative is a difficult endeavor. The key to compliant CRB is the exchange of information. The more a research enterprise can communicate internally, the better chance the organization has to safeguard the accuracy of the claims. This series provides resources to enhance your organizational communications and help you create and maintain an effective CRB initiative.

  1. 3 Key Steps for Building a Successful Research Billing Compliance Process

    Ryan Meade, of Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, discusses steps an institution should take to begin building a successful compliance process.

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  2. How Technology and System Integration can Improve Your Billing Compliance

    Choosing the right CTMS can enhance your billing compliance and minimize risk.

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  3. Solutions for Research Billing Compliance

    Learn methods your organization can use to safeguard against billing compliance risks, such as a Medicare Coverage Analysis or “billing grid” to track research-related services.

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  4. Top Risks to Guard Against for Clinical Research Billing Compliance

    Communication is key to successful clinical research billing (CRB). Learn the top risks associated with billing compliance when communication breaks down.

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  5. Participating in Qualifying Clinical Trials? Implement These Best Practices to Ensure Compliance

    Billing compliance can be particularly difficult for clinical research sites participating in qualifying clinical trials. Use these tips to decrease your risk for non-compliance and gain the revenue you rightfully earn.

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  6. Top 3 Myths about Clinical Research Billing Compliance

    Ryan Meade, JD from Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, LLP discusses the top myths of Clinical Research Billing Compliance.

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