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5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

Spreadsheets are too basic of a tool to keep up with the increasing complexity of clinical trials. Here are 5 reasons to stop using them.

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Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials:  When and How?

Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials: When and How?

Trial participants often complete things that likely would not be requested with routine care. When and how to compensation subjects is often debated.

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[Q&A] Top 3 Challenges in Clinical Research and How to Address Them


Learn methods for addressing some of the research industry’s most pressing challenges and gain insights about performance metrics, effort tracking and more.

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How to Speed Up Timelines for Sponsor Payments to Research Sites


Methods for research sites to drive down payment timelines for clinical trials and encourage quicker reimbursements from sponsors and CROs.

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Do Your Homework: 5 Considerations to Find the Right Research Technology for Your Organization


MAGI presenter explains what to consider before you purchase a system and how to gain the most value from technology at your research organization.

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What is the Right Amount to Pay Clinical Trial Participants?


Determining how much to compensate clinical trial subjects depends on a number of variables. Learn the factors to consider before deciding to pay your trial participants.

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Delegation of Authority Worksheet: 8 Considerations for Clinical Trial Activities


Learn the factors to consider when determining if you should entrust your research team with trial-related tasks.

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About the series

Clinical trial performance metrics are data points that provide insight into operational performance. Organizations can gain enormous benefit from tracking performance metrics, including the ability to use the information gained to improve operations and work better with other industry stakeholders.

Over recent years, metrics tracking has grown significantly more prevalent in clinical research, and is now a best practice for many research organizations. In this series, we explore how these organizations are currently using performance metrics to inform their operational decisions. We also provide tips and strategies to help you start or improve your own metrics tracking program.

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Clinical Trial Performance Metrics

    Basics to help you get started measuring and improving your clinical trial performance.

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  2. Exploring Common Practices and Challenges in Today’s Research Industry

    Download your copy of our industry report to explore common challenges and practices in today’s clinical research landscape.

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  3. Clinical Trial Metrics: The More They Change, The More They Stay the Same

    Learn why, despite widespread interest in benchmarking clinical trial metrics, there are no standardized definitions across the clinical research industry.

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  4. [Infographic] The State of Today’s Clinical Research Industry

    See the results of our recent survey on the state of today’s clinical research industry, including common challenges, practices and solutions for clinical trial operations.

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  5. 5 Ways Effort Tracking Benefits your Clinical Research Site

    Understand how tracking effort can benefit your staff and clinical research operations.

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  6. [Infographic] How to Generate Staff Buy-In for Effort Tracking

    Check out this infographic to learn more about generating staff buy-in for tracking effort at your site.

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  7. Maximize your Clinical Research Metrics: Analyze Your Strengths AND Weaknesses

    Analyzing your organization’s strengths can help you validate your current clinical research operations, but uncovering your weaknesses will drive you towards true growth.

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