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Forte’s team of study design experts delivers high quality calendars and forms in Forte EDC utilizing best practices in data capture and form design.

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EDC Study Design FAQ


What does the service include?

Forte’s EDC Study Design service helps you get protocols and related forms into the system. The service includes:

  • Review of the protocol document
  • Review of paper and/or legacy forms
  • Creation of the protocol calendar in Forte EDC
  • Creation of case report forms including constraints
  • Testing of the calendar and forms in your instance

What training does the team have?

Forte’s EDC Study Design team are supervised by an experienced data manager and have all been thoroughly trained on CDASH standards and data capture best practices, in addition to detailed training on the Forte EDC system.


How does the service differ from traditional CROs?

While traditional CROs can be cost prohibitive and may not yield the high quality results your organization needs, Forte’s EDC Study Design service helps your organization get the most out of Forte EDC.