Modules of the OnCore Enterprise Research System

Patient Registries

Improve Patient Recruitment, Track Outcomes and More with Registries

The patient registries module in the OnCore Enterprise Research system allows users to easily create and maintain multiple registries within a single system. The registries module is easy to use and offers design flexibility, making it easy to track the information you need within a secure system.

Learn more about the benefits of using the patient registries module in the OnCore system.

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Registry Life Cycle Management

Set up and create new registries, control staff access to registries, assign institutions to registries, and assign forms to patients, events, or cases. Additionally, it facilitates tracking of the status of individual registries.

Flexible Reporting Capabilities

No data in OnCore is out of reach with two options for report creation. First, strong ad hoc reporting functionality offers superb speed and flexibility. It is easy to use with such features as checkboxes for selecting included fields and drag-and-drop column ordering. All data fields in a registry are available for ad hoc reporting. For more complicated reports, such as those that compile data across multiple registries, custom reports can be created via OnCore’s integration with JasperReports, a third-party report engine technology. Custom reports are easily uploaded into OnCore and the results may be exported in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, and RTF file formats.

Form Design & Management

The flexibility to define and collect any data required for a particular registry is made possible through powerful EDC functionality. Forms may be specified at the case, patient, or event level. Utilizing a logical display and multiple layout options, forms have a relative consistency throughout the system, which improves the quality of data collected and simplifies training. The functionality also provides powerful customization features, such as the ability to specify field labels and layouts to meet the individual needs of investigators.

University of Alabama

UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Streamlines Registry Management

Learn how the center has used OnCore to effectively manage multiple patient registries.

Patient Registries Video

It’s a very straightforward database with a lot of power in it.
It’s very easy to use and set up.

John Sandefur, MBA, MSHI
Enterprise Project Manager,
University of Alabama
Comprehensive Cancer Center