Modules of the OnCore Enterprise Research System

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Support Clinical Research Billing Compliance

Clinical research billing continues to present significant challenges to health care providers. The key to compliant billing is the exchange of information. The billing compliance module in the OnCore system helps centralize and communicate information across teams, supporting accuracy and consistency in processes.

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Coverage Analysis Console

Designed in collaboration with billing compliance experts to support best practices, the Coverage Analysis Console in OnCore supports CRB compliance with:

  • Qualifying Clinical Trial Checklist: Provides the ability to store and report information for determining if a protocol meets requirements for insurance reimbursements. Reports may be easily generated from this data.
  • Procedure Billing Designations: Define billing designations upon protocol creation at the procedure or visit level. Record and track the rationale behind the designations.
  • Version Control: Remain flexible as protocols and regulations evolve with the ability to create new versions of the coverage analysis, budget, and protocol calendar.
  • Billing Grid: The billing grid mirrors the protocol calendar and provides documentation of billing decisions, including an assessment of which are routine costs and why the study is believed to be qualifying.
  • Documents: Maintain all documents relevant to the coverage analysis process.

Shared Calendar

Protocol procedures and visit schedules are shared between the protocol clinical calendar, coverage analysis, budget negotiation and subject visit tracking. This centralized structure provides study team members access to the information relevant to their roles without having to recreate calendar data in multiple places.

OnCore-to-EMR Protocol Integration

Seamlessly send basic protocol information to an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

  • Enrolled Patient Flagging: Study participants are automatically identified in the Epic or Cerner EMR system.
  • Billing Grid Integration: Study team members can indicate procedure billing designations within OnCore, which then provides this information to Epic for use in determining how to route charges.
  • Integration with other EMR systems is available.

Beyond Billing Compliance

OnCore offers robust functionality for managing financials across the enterprise. Learn more about OnCore Study Financial Management.