Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Resources

Whether you’re new to electronic data capture systems
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Report Card: Methods for Managing Lab Norms within your EDC System

How varying protocols and operations should change your organization’s approach to handling external data in your EDC system.

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5 Steps to Follow When Shopping for a Validated EDC System

Shopping for a validated EDC system can seem like a daunting task. Learn five steps that make the process less confusing.

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5 Ways to Sell EDC to a Skeptic

Ready for an EDC system? Use these five points to generate buy-in from your leadership team.

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Introducing the Forte Research Ecosystem

Forte prioritizes customer community to develop collaborative solutions and meet the changing needs of the research industry.

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How EDC Could Save Your Clinical Trial in a Disaster

A disaster preparedness plan is key to ensuring unforeseen hazards won’t impact your trial. Make sure your EDC system is included in your plan.

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eBooks and Webinars


eBook: An Introduction to Electronic Data Capture Software

Learn the basics about electronic data capture (EDC) to find the right system for your needs.

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Susan Nonemaker-Cox-lg

Webinar: Risk-based Validation Considerations When Implementing Clinical Research Systems

Join us for this webinar as Susan Nonemaker-Cox of Essex Management discusses risk-based validation considerations when implementing clinical research systems.

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Webinar: 21 CFR Part 11: Vendor Vs. Sponsor Responsibilities

Join us for this webinar as Shannon Roznoski of Forte Research Systems discusses the roles both sponsors and vendors play during the validation process of an EDC system.

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maxine pestronk

Webinar: Ad-Hoc Reporting: Are We Improving Data Quality or Operational Efficiencies?

Presented by Maxine Pestronk of Passion for Clinical Data Management, learn practical insights and best practices for ad-hoc reporting during the data management phase of clinical trials.

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Webinar: Experiences in Standardizing Electronic Case Report Forms

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center shares its experience in creating a standard set of electronic Case Report Forms.

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Webinar: Comparing EDC to Alternate Data Capture Methods

Consultant, Anders Lindquist, examines traditional methods of data capture and discusses the advantages to using a electronic data capture (EDC) system.

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