Manage data easily and compliantly with Forte EDC

Streamline data collection and management while maintaining 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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Save time and ensure data reliability in one easy-to-use system

Enable data managers, site staff and CRA’s with a comprehensive forms designer, data exports, query management and more, all complimented by an intuitive and clear interface.

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Optimize Validation of your Forte EDC Instance

Our validation materials subscription provides your organization additional documentation to reduce the testing burden for your team.

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What makes Forte EDC a good fit for me?

Forte EDC is designed to serve the academic research community to help address the complexities you face running Investigator Initiated Trials. In addition, Forte EDC is validation-ready and fully supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.


Who hosts Forte EDC?

Forte EDC is an easily accessible, cloud-based, Forte-hosted solution.


Does my IT Team need to be involved?

Because Forte hosts Forte EDC, very little IT and administration resources are required. To maximize your ad-hoc reporting capabilities, you may need a dedicated report writer.


How long does it take to implement Forte EDC?

It takes approximately one month from the time of request to go live with Forte EDC. This includes the configuration and setup of the instance and training for the core team that will be administrating and developing protocols and calendars.