Customer Testimonials

Ann Campbell

We are very pleased with the Allegro CTMS. Our cardiovascular research program was only in the third year and we were experiencing rapid growth. Allegro CTMS was a timely solution to many of our clinical operations struggles. The implementation process was organized and efficient. Change is difficult, even when it’s welcomed and needed. The wonderful support provided by the Forte team really helped us through that transition. In the months following our on-boarding, the Allegro team continued to follow-up on our progress. With the positive experience we’ve had at our site, we’re now expanding it to other research programs throughout our system.

Ann Campbell, Research Manager, Sequoia Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, Dignity Health

Kristen Giglio

I am always amazed at how quickly the Allegro Support team responds to my needs. I feel they are always on standby to assist me whenever I need it.

Kristen Giglio, Kaiser Pemanente Colorado

Jon Ward

Before Allegro CTMS, we were extremely disappointed with the level of customer service we received from our previous vendor. Now with Allegro, our staff gets their questions resolved extremely fast or are provided a timeframe in which to expect a solution. The product itself is unparalleled for a CTMS that allows freedom and ease of use, as well as a breadth of options continually being offered to meet our future needs!

Jon Ward, CEO, Aspen Clinical Research LLC

Ron Knight

We have utilized the Allegro System over the past several years, and it is the workhorse/money-maker of our site. It has been instrumental in the growth and success of Mills Clinical Research. Software updates are completed frequently to ensure that a fresh and efficient system can keep up with our needs and the evolving digital research industry, and the support desk at Forte Research is by far one of the most efficient, knowledgeable and responsive teams I have experienced. I would recommend Allegro to any clinical research site that is looking to step up to the next level of research.

Ron Knight, Research Operations Direction, Anthony Mills

Jill Heintz

I have called the help line on a few occasions when I’ve had a pressing question and have been VERY PLEASED with the outcome of each of these calls. I’m impressed that I’ve always been met with a person that could help me right away (without needing to transfer me or put me on hold) and my questions were always resolved after those calls.

Jill Heinz, Injury Care Medical

We asked our customers:

If you were to tell a friend about Allegro, what would you say?

This system is great for research. It has a great support team that will help no matter how small or big.

I would highly recommend this product and tell them that they will not find customer service like this at any other CTMS company.

Allegro is a great program that is developed for the end user. Everyone in the Allegro department is helpful in every way.

Get it. Support is great. Product is simple and powerful.

Don’t hesitate to go for it.

Great support system,
you will like it.

I LOVE Allegro and recommend it to anyone that will listen.

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