Your integrated research enterprise

Gain comprehensive visibility into your research operations, increase your financial viability, enhance compliance across your enterprise and enable strategic decision-making with our integrated portfolio of standards-based solutions.

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Clinical Trial Management

Build a strong foundation for your research operations.

Identify bottlenecks, remove barriers and streamline your clinical research operations to allow more time spent performing the research that matters most.

Build a center of excellence

Manage finances, protocol lifecycle and patient lifecycle with the industry leading enterprise research management system.
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Surface the right data to make informed decisions

Identify trends, spot problem areas and improve your research operations using the comprehensive data visualization dashboards in our business intelligence solution.
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Streamline your regulatory process

Save time, improve workflows and enhance 21 CFR Part 11 compliance across your organization with a system designed for academic institutions managing a large volume of protocols.
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Pay trial participants quickly and easily

Efficiently manage stipends and travel reimbursements across clinical trials with our automated payment system, integrated with OnCore.
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Increase your productivity with our shared services including protocol calendars, budget setup and more.
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Clinical Data Management

Maximize the integrity of your clinical data.

Standardize your clinical data practices to accelerate collection, ensure reliability and spend less time correcting errors.

Save time and ensure data reliability

Streamline data collection, management and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with our electronic data capture system that helps leading research organizations manage their IITs.
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Research Administration

Demonstrate the impact of your research portfolio.

Measure your scientific impact and effectively demonstrate your research ROI to the NCI, NIH and organizational leadership.

Showcase your research ROI

Demonstrate the impact of your research to the NCI, NIH and your organizational leadership with our research evaluation and reporting system.
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Take your research operations to the next level

Gain visibility into publications, grant recipients and more across your entire organization with sophisticated data visualizations in our business intelligence solution.
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