Expedite study activation with pre-built calendars for your Forte CTMS

Improve protocol compliance and quality, and reduce study activation times by downloading centrally built protocol calendars into OnCore or Allegro CTMS.

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“Using Forte Calendars has been money well spent. The Forte team has been very responsive, efficient and extremely helpful. The turnaround times are great and often sooner than expected.”

Michelle Medeiros

Clinical Research Manager, University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center

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Calendars FAQs


What types of calendars can I order?

There are no restrictions on the types of calendars you can request. This includes all disciplines supported by OnCore and Allegro, such as oncology, cardiology, and psychiatry. Forte will build each calendar according to our standard set of guidelines. Once a calendar is imported, you can make organization-specific changes.


Is my CTMS integrated?

OnCore and Allegro from Forte currently support direct calendar downloads. If you use a different system, please encourage your CTMS vendor to contact us to explore collaboration opportunities.


Who will have access to my site's calendar information?

As part of the calendar-build process, you will share protocol documents with the Forte team. We take precautions to ensure confidentiality of any information shared with Forte. Calendars are only available to sites are participating in the protocol. In the instance that the calendar you are requesting has already been built, we still require that you provide us a copy of the protocol documents to demonstrate that you have authorized access to the protocol details.