Compare your site’s performance to your peers’ with Forte Benchmarks

Discover how your operational metrics stack up against similar sites and gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses with Forte’s benchmarking tool, which pulls data directly from OnCore.

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Discover inefficiencies in study start-up

Identify which activities cause delays, including a breakdown of sub-metrics that make up the overall cycle times for contracts, budgets, IRB and more.

Visualize your site’s protocol compliance

View the average number of deviations per subject and how well your site reports SAEs to sponsors and IRBs within the required timelines.



Apply filters to refine further

View performance by sponsor type, IRB type, CRO involvement, and/or view protocols that are precision medicine, interventional, treatment and more.

Join community comparison groups

Compare your performance to similar sites, such as academic medical centers, cancer centers, community sites, health systems/hospitals, CTSAs, NCI cancer centers and more.

Take control of your performance

Pinpoint the exact areas where your operations excel and where they can improve, and learn more about why Forte Benchmarks is an award-winning tool by sites, for sites.

Benchmarks for OnCore Overview 

Forte Benchmarks FAQs


How much does Forte Benchmarks cost?

Forte Benchmarks is included for sites using OnCore.


Is my data automatically shared to the community comparison?

No, once you are set up and see your own data, you must request to join the appropriate groups to see how your metrics compare to each community to which you belong.


Will my site be identifiable by other sites?

No, your site will stay anonymous. Once you share to a community, your data will be added to the aggregated group of metrics, along with other sites. You can always view your own data and trends, but other sites cannot.


Can I share my metrics with sponsors and CROs?

Yes, Forte Benchmarks has export functionality that takes a snapshot of performance that can easily be shared with others outside of the system.


How was Forte Benchmarks developed?

This tool is the result of years of collaborative efforts among the nation’s top research centers to develop data definitions and a standardized set of site-driven metrics. Read some of the peer-reviewed articles, posters and accomplishments that have contributed to what Benchmarks is today.

Awards for Excellence in Clinical Research Operations

Powered by Benchmarks

We present the Award for Excellence in Clinical Research Operations to recognize the top performing sites within Forte Benchmarks. Participating sites use OnCore Enterprise Research System to contribute their metrics to the anonymized aggregate of community comparison groups in Benchmarks.