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“I am always amazed at how quickly the Allegro Support Team responds to my needs. I feel they are always on standby to assist me, whenever I need it.”

Kristen Giglio

Kristen Giglio

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

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Allegro simplifies the business side of research, so you can focus on the subjects in your care.

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Allegro FAQs


How much does Allegro cost?

Allegro is licensed based on a site’s active protocol volume. Annual pricing starts at $12,000/year. Contact our sales team for detailed pricing information.


Can Allegro integrate with my EMR?

Allegro does not offer EMR interfaces. We’ve found that, for the majority of our Allegro customers, the cost of EMR integration is prohibitive. Our goal is for Allegro to be an agile clinical trial management system, conducive to sites just getting started with clinical research, as well as established research organizations running dozens of protocols. If EMR integration is a top priority, OnCore may be a better fit for your organization.


Does my IT Team need to be involved in Allegro implementation?

Allegro is a cloud-based solution that requires little, if any, effort from your IT team to implement or maintain. There is no installation necessary, and our team deploys regular upgrades to the software, which occur without interruption in your CTMS.


I'm located outside the U.S. – can I use Allegro?

As a hosted solution, Allegro data is stored in data warehouses within the United States. All training, support and application text is only available in English, and support is available M-F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time. If these items don’t pose any challenges for your organization, we’re happy to discuss how your site might benefit from implementing Allegro.

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