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5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

Spreadsheets are too basic of a tool to keep up with the increasing complexity of clinical trials. Here are 5 reasons to stop using them.

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Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials:  When and How?

Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials: When and How?

Trial participants often complete things that likely would not be requested with routine care. When and how to compensation subjects is often debated.

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Journalism and Clinical Research: Overcoming the Disconnect Between Science and Media

Journalist News conference

How the clinical research industry can solve its disconnect with public media and end the industry’s “breakthrough” ideology.

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Holiday Tips for Avoiding Stress and Staying Focused on Your Research

To keep staff and trial participants happy during the holiday season, research sites need to be proactive.

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Giving Tuesday: Helping Childhood Cancer Survivors After the Storm Has Passed


Forte partners with the Scholarships for Superheroes Fund to raise money and awareness to help support childhood cancer survivors in remission.

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Top 4 Barriers to Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Barriers to Clinical Trials Participation

Identify solutions to common barriers that inhibit patient participation in clinical trials.

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Get Selected: 4 Tips to Grow Your Site's Study Pipeline

Industry experts give their advice on how you can get your site selected for more clinical trials.

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About the series

To celebrate a year full of great content, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten most popular blog posts of 2016. These articles cover a variety of industry topics, including mobile health, research staff retention, billing compliance and more. Check them out below and keep your eyes open for more resources posted to the Forte Clinical Research Blog in 2017. Happy New Year!

  1. Five Items You’re Not Billing Sponsors For (But Should Be!)

    If your clinical research site isn’t consistently billing sponsors for these five things, you’re missing out on revenue you’ve rightfully earned. Register for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll discuss additional items you should be billing sponsors for.

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  2. How to Motivate and Retain Study Coordinators – Q&A

    Mallory Thomas of ClinEdge, explains the benefits of “stay interviews” and provides tips for motivating clinical research site employees.

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  3. Must-Have Apps for Clinical Research Professionals

    Free apps for clinical research professionals to prevent trial deficiencies and improve research practices.

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  4. Top 3 Resources for Clinical Research Billing Compliance

    Be sure your organization is maintaining clinical research billing compliance using these three resources.

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  5. How Apple’s ResearchKit Technology Can Revolutionize Clinical Research

    Apple’s ResearchKit platform is already changing the way we thing about clinical research, and we’ve only seen the beginning.

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  6. Secrets to Negotiating Trial Budgets and Compensating PIs – Q&A

    Al Peters of BlueTheory Clinical Trials, answers attendees questions following his recent webinar on negotiating trial budgets and compensation techniques.

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  7. Game On: 3 Clinical Trials Using Video Games to Collect Study Data

    Clinical research is getting serious about gaming. These three studies use video games as a means of engaging participants and collecting study data.

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  8. Top TED Talks on Health and Clinical Research

    Need a little inspiration? Here’s a list of TED talks and playlists to motivate and spread awareness for health and clinical research.

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  9. Checklist for Choosing an EDC System

    Choosing the right EDC may seem like an overwhelming decision. Use this checklist to help you find the perfect system.

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  10. Financing Clinical Trials - Q&A

    Webinar presenter, Scott Palmese of BlueTheory Clinical Trials, addresses questions about fair market value, monitor change fees, sponsor negotiations and more.

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