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5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

5 Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Collect Clinical Data

Spreadsheets are too basic of a tool to keep up with the increasing complexity of clinical trials. Here are 5 reasons to stop using them.

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Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials:  When and How?

Subject Reimbursement in Clinical Trials: When and How?

Trial participants often complete things that likely would not be requested with routine care. When and how to compensation subjects is often debated.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Building That Next Protocol Calendar in Your CTMS


Ask these questions to determine whether you should seek external help for building protocol calendars.

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Rethinking Engagement for More Repeat Trial Participants


Encouraging repeat trial participation through extended participant engagement and open communication.

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[Q&A] How to Make Your Clinical Research Site Stand Out in a Crowded Industry

red and green apples

Webinar presenter, Scott Palmese answers attendee questions about sponsor relationships, feasibility questionnaires and more.

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Creative Ideas for Training and Supporting CTMS End Users


Conference presenter, Michael Lee of Washington University in St. Louis, outlines alternative training methods for CTMS end users.

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How Cancer Moonshot Could Impact Rare Diseases Like Mesothelioma


How the Cancer Moonshot initiative will alter the clinical research landscape and positively impact rare disease research.

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About the series

Developing a study budget that captures all of the costs associated with a clinical trial is essential to the financial success of site-conducted studies. However, negotiating study budgets isn’t always an easy task and is often a tense discussion between sponsors and clinical research sites. This series provides tips and tools to ease the budget negotiation process and help all parties achieve financial success when conducting clinical trials.

  1. Financing Clinical Trials - Q&A

    Webinar presenter, Scott Palmese of BlueTheory Clinical Trials, addresses questions about fair market value, monitor change fees, sponsor negotiations and more.

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  2. Secrets to Negotiating Trial Budgets and Compensating PIs – Q&A

    Al Peters of BlueTheory Clinical Trials, answers attendees questions following his recent webinar on negotiating trial budgets and compensation techniques.

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  3. A Closer Look at the 'Cost of Doing Business'

    Karen Olson, a former site director, shares insight into some hidden costs to consider when calculating the cost of doing business.

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  4. Negotiating Trial Budgets: Tips to Help Sites Stand Their Ground

    When discussing a study budget, negotiation is key. Learn the best tools to highlight site successes, plan protocol costs and negotiate the best budget.

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  5. Building a Better Budget [Q&A] - Part 1

    Presenters of the July 2015 webinar, “Building a Better Budget,” answer your questions about invoicing, market rates and more.

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  6. [Q&A] Making the Most of Your Budget: Hidden Costs and Payment Terms

    In Making the Most of your Budget: Hidden Costs & Payment Terms, seasoned clinical trial analysts Amanda Miller and Alexandra Opitz discuss the basics of clinical trial budgeting, how to handle hidden costs with the study sponsor, and how to make payment terms work for your institution.

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